Gutenberg College Workshop Series

The Gutenberg College Workshop Series is an educational outreach program designed to serve classical education communities, homeschooling communities, and independent learners. The workshops offer participants hands-on, high-quality educative experiences delivered by knowledgeable instructors that help participants develop skills, understand the world they live in, and cultivate their intellectual acumen.

Schedule your workshop today by contacting Workshops are available nationally—pricing will vary by region. Limited scholarships are available based on need.

Level 1: Hands-on Introduction

Level 1 Workshops offer students an introduction to a variety of disciplines through hands-on experiences.

Level 2: Hands-on & Philosophy

Level 2 Workshops offer students hands-on experiences complemented with discussion of part of a primary philosophical source of the same discipline.

Level 3: Philosophy

Level 3 Workshops offer students intensive discussion of an entire philosophical text.


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